St Martin’s School traces its origins back to the foundation of St Agnes School for the training of domestic helpers in 1908.

A few years later in 1911, St Peter’s Priory and College were added, offering a boarding-based high school education to the young men who came from the length and breadth of South Africa.

It soon became known as the “Black Eton” where academic achievements were espoused. The list of the early alumni is impressive, the likes of Oliver Tambo, Fikile Bam and Hugh Masekela, as well as many of our former students, hold key positions in government and in large international corporations.

The apartheid policies of the National Party regime put pressure on the school and it was closed in 1956. However, the Anglican Church ensured that education continued in this attractive part of southern Johannesburg. The buildings reopened for business in 1958 when St Martin’s School was born.