St Martin's School - Where Every Child is Known


An academic education that reflects Christian standards

Our school has a diverse community and offers an academic environment with Anglican Christian standards. Children of all faiths and religions are welcome. Daily assemblies and weekly celebrations of Eucharist are to school life. The chaplain spends time with every class during the week and students who wish to do so, may ask to be prepared for confirmation.

The only independent school in the south of Johannesburg that offers co-educational boarding.

School Prayer

Father Almighty,
glorify Yourself in us
and give, as you gave to St Martin,
the grace of obedience,
compassion for others,
zeal for the truth
and a humble spirit.
For the sake of Jesus Christ.


Anglican Church Affiliation

The school is affiliated to the Anglican Church of South Africa in the Diocese of Christ the King under Bishop William Mostert who is the Visitor at St Martin's School.

Intensive level of teaching, supervision and pastoral care

The favourable staff-to-student ratio and the tradition of house groups assures parents of a thorough level of teaching, supervision and pastoral care. Learners are expected to take increasing responsibility as they progress through the school. There are opportunities for service and leadership within the house and prefect systems.

St Martin's school

  • is committed to academic excellence
  • offers continuity from the preparatory school to the high school
  • regularly reports to and consults with the parents on their child’s progress
  • is small enough to allow learners and staff to cultivate a true sense of co-operation, mutual respect and friendship
  • provides the full spectrum of traditional subjects and courses
  • creates opportunities for intensive learning in specialised courses (information technology, the natural sciences, the arts, civil technology, hospitality) in well-equipped classrooms and laboratories
  • promotes unity through team sports and activities, giving every young person a sense of personal worth by cultivating each student’s talents
  • inculcates personal discipline in manners and bearing
  • encourages the development of unselfish poise
  • encourages every young person to have a genuine concern for the welfare of others
  • develops student leadership through the prefect system
  • cultivates in its learners a sense of purpose and a healthy work ethic
  • offers young people the opportunity of achieving happiness and fulfilment in a Christian community that nevertheless respects a diversity of faiths
  • inspires the development of all aspects of a young person’s life: academic, cultural, physical, spiritual and social
  • is a combination of traditional charm and modern approaches, creating a secure yet stimulating learning environment
  • is proud of the good citizens, successful scholars and eminent leaders who have emerged over the years
  • uses a house-system with learners in the care of housemasters and housemistresses
  • develops a love of cultural expression in music, art and literature
  • promotes a spirit of adventure and love of the outdoors through a programme of excursions and camps
  • places due emphasis on the need for young people to be able to function confidently in an increasingly sophisticated technological environment
  • welcomes learners from a wide socio-economic spectrum
  • welcomes international and local boarders