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Governing Council

A commitment to the present and a vision for the future

The Governing Council at St Martin’s School has the responsibility of ensuring that the school stays true to the values of the school. The elected members make strategic decisions as to the course the school embarks on to ensure that a high quality education standard is not only maintained, but improved on.

Our Governing Council members

  • Mr B Dube (Elected Member)
  • Bishop W Mostert (Visitor)
  • Mrs T Krupke (Chairperson)
  • Adv A Wilson (Elected Member)
  • Mr R de Gouveia (Elected Member)
  • Mrs V Eddie, Business Manager (Secretary)
  • Mr T Hagspihl, Headmaster (Ex Officio)
  • Mrs M Myburgh, Principal (Ex Officio)
  • Mrs Z de Abreu (Ex Officio)
  • Mr K Qwelane (Chairperson - Remuneration Committee)
  • Mrs A Jones (Chairperson - Finance Committee & Deputy Chairperson of the Governing Council)
  • Mr D Elbrecht (Elected Member – synod)
  • Mr K Patel (Elected Member - Synod)
  • Mr M Moore (Deputy Chairperson PSA)
  • Mrs G O’Shaughnessy, Director Of Marketing (by invitation)
  • Mrs S Lotter (Scribe)