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Fostering Generosity – The Key to Academic Success

At St Martin School, we firmly believe that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom.
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Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are important for academic success and an important life skill.
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Hope is the Most Powerful Armour for School Leavers

While last year’s matriculants have ended a journey, it’s just the beginning of a new adventure, said, Warren Venter.
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January is a giant leap for parents and school starters; get involved early

January is a giant leap for parents and school starters, get involved early

Starting Grade 1 is a big moment for parents and children and being well prepared beforehand can pay significant dividends.
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School Readiness for your Child

Start your child on the road to schooling success by giving them opportunities to practice independence within the home environment.
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You Are Perfect in Every Way

It’s Springtime. Flowers are blooming everywhere...
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A Solid Foundation Is Important For A Child’s Education

Why a Solid Foundation is Important for a Child’s Education

For students to excel in their educational journey, a solid foundation in early childcare development is crucial.
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Mental Health

One In Five Students Struggle With Mental Health, Here’s How You Can Help

South African students’ lives changed in unprecedented ways when lockdown measures closed schools.
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