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St Martin's school is exceptionally proud of the Matric Results of 2017 - well done to all matriculants who worked incredibly hard to achieve these remarkable results.

Our top Matric achievers of 2017

St Martin's Matric Results - Top Achievers 2017

Matriculants have done the school proud

Dear Parents

It gives me great pleasure to be able to inform you of our wonderful Matric results for 2017.  Our pupils have once again done themselves and the school proud and we are delighted with their achievements.  Mr Bill Pierce, chair of the Governing Council, joins me in congratulating the Matric class of 2017 on a fine effort.

There was a 100% pass rate and 92.5% of the Matriculants were awarded a Bachelor Degree pass which means they are able to further their studies at university.

Kiara Nirghin is included in the IEB Outstanding Achievements List by being placed in the top 5% of pupils countrywide in six or more subjects.  What a superb accomplishment! She also achieved 8 distinctions.

  • Rachel Mey, Simran Patel and Amy Trollip achieved 7 distinctions.
  • Morgen Dent andJoanne Lu got 6 distinctions.
  • Aaisha Moosajee, Jessica Nel and Gina Willson were able to secure 5 distinctions.
  • Sonia Bhika, Matthew Brown and Azariah Feris each got 4 distinctions.

These are incredible achievements and we heartily congratulate each of them.

When looking at Matric results one needs to, however, be careful not to only look at the top achievers.  The following statistics indicate an incredible depth in the results of this group of Matriculants:  Just over 81% of the symbols were A’s, B’s or C’s and the overall average of all the marks was an extraordinary 71.3%.  That really is quite exceptional.

A number of pupils also achieved their own personal bests which is something they have every reason to be so proud of.  In terms of academic endeavour, many a battle is fought and won where no one is looking and these victories don't always find their way onto an honours board or onto a list of top achievers, but they are just as satisfying and worthy of praise.

I would also like to congratulate Mr Welsh and the teachers on these results.  They often went the extra mile and the pupils would readily admit that their results would not be nearly as good, had it not been for this special group of teachers. In many cases this includes the teachers from the Preparatory School where the groundwork was done many years ago.  I look forward to working with them in great anticipation.

Best wishes

Thomas Hagspihl