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Thank you to the prospective St Martin’s families who braved the rain and joined us at the Open Day held on Saturday, 25 March. If you missed the day, you are most welcome to be in contact with us to book a campus tour.

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Why choose St Martin’s School for your child?



The school has more than 60 years of heritage where your child will walk the same corridors as prominent South Africans.



St Martin’s is a top-class independent school with a Christian ethos.



Includes an enrichment and Personalized Learning Programme designed to develop complex problem-solving skills, collaboration and critical thinking.



In 2022, 43 of our 44 Matric students passed.



There are boarding facilities for both boys and girls offered in two separate secure boarding houses for students from Grade 7 to Matric.


Being known

We offer a co-educational environment where every student is known.


Achieve Potential

Every child is encouraged to develop as an individual and to achieve their full potential.



The school has a fleet of buses that operate five routes for school transport.


Trouble-Free Meals

We offer an optional cooked meal for hungry teenagers at lunchtime and for added parent convenience.


Did you Know?

St Martin’s students know how to code by the end of Grade 7.

We teach our children to be logical and critical thinkers – skills needed for the future world of work.

Did you Know?

At St Martin’s Prep school it is compulsory to learn to play chess.

We teach children to think under pressure, be strategic thinkers and to become dynamic planners.

Did you Know?

Our Grade 4 children do compulsory English Poetry puzzles.

This enhances reading ability, the vital skill to all learning.

Did you Know?

St Martin’s Preparatory children are exposed to strategy games, puzzles and non-routine problem solving in Mathematics?

This develops complex problem solving and persistence, a skill that not all children exhibit.


Did you Know?

Your child can enjoy a weekly four-night sleepover in a St Martin’s School boarding house.

We are the only High School in the South of Johannesburg that offers top class co-ed boarding facilities.

Did you Know?

Kiara Nighrin, (2016 Alumni) is enrolled at Stanford University and as published her first book.

Let your child be educated in a School that encourages creativity and a superior work ethic.

Happy Parents' Testimonials

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I am ever so grateful for St Martins and the way the school community cares so much for and about our children. Both Bokang and Rorisang are both so happy and secure.

Esme Molefe

new STM Testimonial Page new Icon Apr21

I attempted to teach Nehema how to ride his bicycle, I got frustrated and gave up. After one hour at mountain biking, he learnt how to ride his own bicycle! This is impressive! St Martin’s is not a cheap school, but what the kids get out of the school is priceless. Thanks for raising Nehema so well!

Dr Jean Musas

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We are so thankful to the staff and Mrs Venter for going the extra mile to assist us technically and ensuring that our children can join their classmates virtually and start learning. "Where every child is known" - we have seen this value in action at St Martin's Prep and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all.

Bhekisisa Mahlambi

new STM Testimonial Page new Icon Apr21

Reading Eggs is a great app, very cool. Everything has been great, thank you so much for all your hard work.

Lara Bolle

new STM Testimonial Page new Icon Apr21

One of the best compliments a teacher can get is when a student goes home and says ‘Mom I had a great day at school’ Both Membilli and Cielo do this every day. THANKS.

Luisa Perregil

new STM Testimonial Page new Icon Apr21

I also wish to specifically express my deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to the headmaster, Mrs Pereira, Mrs Engela and Mrs McGregor for saving the life of Owami and for your unflinching support and the love and care that you have shown so far. This has been amazing and incredible. You have truly demonstrated that St Martin’s is a real Christian School which really cares for its students and their entire family.

Dr Daniel Osei-Fofie

new STM Testimonial Page new Icon Apr21

I love St Martin’s with all my heart and soul. Thank you so much for being such a good teacher and mother to all our children. I can already see the difference in my son.

Nthabiseng Mahane

St Martin's High School students playing music instruments
St Martin's High School girl playing netball
St Martin's High School students discussing the lesson

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