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Pre-Preparatory School

Successful learning in a secure and relaxed environment

At St. Martin’s pre-preparatory we pride ourselves on encouraging critical thinking and creativity from a young age. Each year becomes slightly more structured in order to prepare the children for Grade 1 while maintaining a fun element. We are a happy, nurturing, family orientated pre-school where we encourage parents to be part of our family. We have an open door policy and we communicate on a regular basis with our parents ensuring that their minds are at ease.

Pre-School Cognitive Development

Develop creativity and enhance communication skills

Our programme allows children to develop their creativity, enhance their communication skills and acquire social interaction abilities through play. It is at this developmental stage that children learn about themselves. The perceptual skills that form the foundation for further learning are developed in our carefully structured programme, which includes baking, climbing, running, construction, creating, singing, dancing and communicating. Literacy and Numeracy Skills are developed with a Mathematics curriculum from Singapore, the Letterland and THRASS (phonics programmes) as the basis of the curriculum. The pupil’s visit the library and music rooms weekly, developing their interests in both reading and the art of music.

Pre-School digging for diamonds
Pre-School drawing

Emotional, spiritual and cognitive development in our children

Our colourful classrooms are alive with the chatter of happy, busy children. We believe that we develop children who are physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

A visit to the Pre-Preparatory facility will allow prospective parents to see the qualitative difference between child-care and child minding, and provide a clear understanding of the importance of formal education in this age group.

Pre-School market day 2
Pre-School outdoor play area
Pre-School market day 1