St Martin's School - Where Every Child is Known


A safe environment to learn and play

St Martin's School provides the service of a well-equipped aftercare centre. The aim of the centre is to provide a safe environment where the pupils are allowed to learn and play in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The centre has a pre-primary room and a homework room, as well as a kitchen to prepare lunches. It has its own entrance, secure parking and playground facilities.

Aftercare team offering comprehensive supervision

Aftercare is run by Laura Mey and her full time staff. Their services include supervised homework. In addition there are interns and coaches who assist with homework on a daily basis.

Aftercare is provided to all children from Grade 000 to Grade 7 and is open daily from 13h45 to 18h00. The center is open during school holidays. Parents are informed about the dates and the programme via newsletters.

Pre-Preparatory school girl and teacher work on a paint project
Pre-Preparatory school boy busy with an activity
Pre-Preparatory school boy asking a question