Saint Martin's School - Rosettenville


Facilities to complement and enhance learning

St Martin's has developed an all-encompassing range of facilities to complement and enhance the learning experience for all our learners, which include academic, cultural and sporting resources amongst others.

Our extensive range of facilities

  • Large Classrooms
  • Large Playground
  • Sandpit
  • Mud Kitchen
  • St Martin’s Airplane
  • Various Jungle Gyms
  • Sensory Trays
  • Tricycle Track

These facilities are designed to develop the pupil holistically. Our classrooms allow for ring time on the carpet where teacher and pupils engage in conversations and learning. Each classroom has its own fantasy corner where the pupils are encouraged to role play and dress up sparking their imaginations. Pupils complete a variety of activities from structured work tasks to unstructured play with age appropriate equipment. The playground hosts a variety of jungle gyms to develop the pupil’s gross motor skills and encourage outdoor fun. The mud kitchen is a hit as the pupils prepare their baked treats for each other and the teachers. The sensory trays allow for the pupils to experience a variety of textures.


Pre School Ring Time