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Come and explore and experience St Martin’s Preparatory School in action.

Sport, academic curricula, music and art.

Saturday 22 February 2020

Time: 08h30 to 11h00

Venue: 4 East Road, The Hill, Johannesburg

St Martins preparatory school building blocks
St Martins preparatory school activity
Preparatory school learner

Showcase activities planned for you to experience


  • Registration and welcome
  • Netball and soccer matches begin

09h00  to 11h00

  • Marvel at the Science experiments in the lab
  • Explore the Pre-Prep classrooms for little ones from aged 3
  • View the challenges at the outdoor chess board
  • Explore the games room
  • Discover our digital learning programme in the computer room
  • Witness creativity in the art and technology room
  • Cheerleading displays that offer a fun, alternative physical activity

Did you Know?

St Martin’s students know how to code by the end of Grade 7.

We teach our children to be logical and critical thinkers – skills needed for the future world of work.

Did you Know?

At St Martin’s Prep school it is compulsory to learn to play chess.

We teach children to think under pressure, be strategic thinkers and to become dynamic planners.

Did you Know?

Our Grade 4 children do compulsory English Poetry puzzles.

This enhances reading ability, the vital skill to all learning.

Did you Know?

St Martin’s Preparatory children are exposed to strategy games, puzzles and non-routine problem solving in Mathematics?

This develops complex problem solving and persistence, a skill that not all children exhibit.

Music lesson
Science lesson
Preparatory school choir

Come to the school where every child is known

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