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Headmistress' Welcome

St Martin's Preparatory School Headmistress - Michelle Myburgh
Michelle Myburgh
St Martin's
Preparatory School

A warm welcome to the St Martin's family

Welcome to St Martin’s prep school. The prep school caters for boys and girls from Grade 000 to Grade 7. The size of the school, ethos and caring staff contribute to creating an environment in which our students gain the confidence to discover, grow and achieve their maximum potential. Pupil’s varying needs and abilities are respected and understood.

A strong sense of belonging

The partnerships formed between parents, teachers and pupils proves that this school is a community where there is a strong sense of belonging. In order to gain a better understanding of the holistic curriculum, I encourage you to read through the information provided for each phase of the school and book a tour to experience the vibrant and happy atmosphere of the campus.

Welcome to 2020 - Term 2

Enjoy your browse through our pages and galleries.

God bless
Michelle Myburgh
Preparatory School Headmistress