St Martin's School - Where Every Child is Known

Junior Preparatory

Grades 1 to 3

The Junior Primary phase aspires to cater for the needs of all children by encouraging them to develop confidence and become well-balanced individuals. At this stage learning styles are developed so that the pupils are allowed the opportunity to explore their full potential. A growth mindset approach is encouraged with the emphasis on the learning process. Teaching the various Thinking Maps allows the pupils to explore and expand their knowledge.

St Martin's junior student working with playdough
St Martin's Junior Preparatory students reading with the teacher

An integrated learning experience

Singapore Maths and the THRASS language programme form the basis of our curriculum. Each child is further extended by weekly visits to the music room, computer centre, library and physical education class. Educational outings are arranged to support classroom themes and topics covered. An integrated sports programme exposes our Grade ones to the different sporting codes.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through regular meetings and reports. The school is well supported by therapists who offer occupational therapy, speech therapy and play therapy. Class teachers also offer pupil support lessons to those children who require additional assistance.

St Martin's Junior Preparatory teacher performing a science experiment with students
St Martin's teacher helping a junior student with his work
Skilled Teachers to Make Your Child Shine

Skilled Teachers to Make Your Child Shine

Here, your child is exposed to highly skilled teachers.

Here we know that we make learning fun – when your child shines vibrantly during STEAM lessons where art, science and mathematics skills are combined to make learning real. We’re pretty sure we’re onto a good thing.

Modern Education for the Modern Child

Here we make sure that your child is up-to-date with educational trends. Our Singapore Maths and Thrass curriculum incorporates internationally accredited methodology.

Here we know that your modern child learns in a particular way, and we’ve catered for that. We therefore use bite-sized learning and gamification and remove the ‘fluff.’

Modern Education for the Modern Child
Where Every Child is Known

Where Every Child is Known

Most importantly, here we know every single child. Our class sizes are small, with individualised attention. Your child will never be lost in a large school environment and never fall between the cracks.

We've Got Your Child Covered

Your school fees in pre-prep cover a Kinetix Programme, Play Ball, integrated sports, textbooks in Grade 1, extra-curricular activities, and digital learning from grade 00 onwards. Music lessons and art in our specially designed art room.

We Got your Child Covered
Every Day Stimulation to Explore their Potential

Every Day Stimulation to Explore their Potential

Your child will be stimulated every single day with out-of-the-box thinking – and they’ll develop confidence and explore their potential. Mathematics, music, the arts, mountain-biking, cheerleading.

Did you Know?

St Martin’s students know how to code by the end of Grade 7.

We teach our children to be logical and critical thinkers – skills needed for the future world of work.

Did you Know?

At St Martin’s Prep school it is compulsory to learn to play chess.

We teach children to think under pressure, be strategic thinkers and to become dynamic planners.

Did you Know?

Our Grade 4 children do compulsory English Poetry puzzles.

This enhances reading ability, the vital skill to all learning.

Did you Know?

St Martin’s Preparatory children are exposed to strategy games, puzzles and non-routine problem solving in Mathematics?

This develops complex problem solving and persistence, a skill that not all children exhibit.

Music lesson
Science lesson
Preparatory school choir

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