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Welcome to Term 2 – 2020 – Michelle Myburgh – Headmistress

Michelle Myburgh - Headmistress of St Martin's Preparatory School wishes us a warm welcome to Term 2
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Headmaster’s Lockdown Message

The past few weeks have been an overwhelming flurry of preparing ourselves and our children for the upcoming weeks of uncertainty.
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Daily Lego Challenge

During this period of remote learning, in order to create some contact with the children and to keep them busy, I started a daily Lego challenge.
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Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcement

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Announcement

Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcement In response to the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic and the President’s address yesterday, St Martin’s School will close at the end of school today Monday, 16 March. Boarding students will leave as soon as parents have been able to make suitable arrangements for their children to leave the boarding house and return…
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Rites of Passage

As our pupils journey through the school from Grade One to Matric, as a school we acknowledge and celebrate their various milestones.
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Anti-Femicide Pledge

We, the men and boys of St Martin’s School make the following pledge against gender-based violence.
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