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Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcement

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Announcement

Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcement In response to the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic and the President’s address yesterday, St Martin’s School will close at the end of school today Monday, 16 March. Boarding students will leave as soon as parents have been able to make suitable arrangements for their children to leave the boarding house and return…
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Anti-Femicide Pledge

We, the men and boys of St Martin’s School make the following pledge against gender-based violence.
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Form One enrichment programme

While the high school wrote exams the Form One’s enjoyed various outings as part of an enrichment programme.
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Prep School Classroom Fun Day

Come see how cool my school is! A day of fun in a Preparatory School Classroom.
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Science came alive at the Prep School

Science came alive on Tuesday, 16 July at the prep school as St Martin’s School participated in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s global initiative.
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Preparatory School introduces engaging puzzle challenges

St Martin’s Preparatory School in The Hill is introducing compulsory puzzle challenges to both teachers and pupils into the curriculum.
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