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St Martin’s is a member of ISASA and as such we follow the three-term ISASA calendar, with Easter, Trinity and Michaelmas Terms. Each term is approximately three months long with a mid-term break.

Calendar 2020

Easter Term Tuesday 14 January – Thursday 9 April
Monday 13 January Staff development and meetings. Form One orientation.

Half Term Thursday 27 February (12h00) to Tuesday 3 March (07h20)

Trinity Term Tuesday 5 May – Friday 31 July
Monday 4 May Staff development and meetings
Monday 15 June School holiday
Tuesday 16 June Public holiday – Youth Day

Half Term Friday 26 June (14h05) to Monday 6 July (07h20)

Michaelmas Term Tuesday 1 September – Friday 4 December
Monday 31 August Staff development and meetings
Thursday 24 September Heritage Day
Friday 25 September School holiday

Half Term Thursday 15 October (12h00) to Monday 19 October 07h20)

Saturday 5 December IEB marking starts


Note: The Department of Education requires schools to be in session for a certain number of days in a year. To fulfil our quota we need to fit in a number of Saturdays to make up the time. This is common practice amongst all ISASA schools. In particular for 2020 our compulsory Saturdays will include Speech Day, some Saturday exams, team sports’ selection days, Winter Sports Day and two Derby Days. These Saturdays will be announced well in advance so that parents and guardians will be able to make the necessary arrangements.


The High School issue learners with end-of-term reports after each term, and interim reports before the mid-term break.

The Pre-Preparatory School and Preparatory school only issue term reports.

Calendar of events

The High School publishes each term's events and key dates in the high school pocket diary issued to all learners each term.

The Preparatory School has a calendar brochure highlighting key events.