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You're only as old as you feel!

To call you an “old boy” or an “old girl”, especially the latter, might cause some offence. As the saying goes, you are only as old as you feel and you probably want to feel as though you left school last year. Deny those wrinkles and bulges! Added to all your abiding youthful enthusiasm is the wisdom that comes with the advance of years; I hope that you still feel that you can take on the world.  

Your contributions, achievements and personalities still resonate along our corridors

The school is only as good as its parts and that includes you. While you may have left our wonderfully green and woody campus, your contributions, achievements and personalities still resonate along our corridors. And we hope that a little bit of us remained in you as you moved on with the rest of your life. The tradition of having photographic displays continues and there are now boards that hang on numerous walls: in the pavilion, the hall, the refectory, the foyers and the staff room: all as reminders of the great and good things that happened during your stay at the school.

As the years go by, and as (or if) you move away from Johannesburg (or South Africa), the Alumni Office will become your locus – a key source of information on past learners.

Stay in touch

A key function of this website is to enable alumni to stay in contact with their school, their peers and their friends. The Alumni Office oversees the collection and distribution of alumni information.