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High School

A warm welcome to the St Martin's family

The High School is a complex of charming older buildings set in beautifully tranquil gardens. The chapel, which is the focal point of the St Martin's community, was designed by the H Baker and FLH Fleming stable of architects. The Chaplain is available at all times to provide counselling to students who are experiencing personal problems. The school has a resident matron who runs the sanatorium (sick bay facility). Career counselling is provided for students.

Dynamic learning environment - meaningful experiences

In line with the requirements of the new curriculum, the high school has moved away from the traditional model of educators dispensing knowledge to passive and obedient pupils. Instead, a dynamic learning environment has been created in which meaningful and realistic learning experiences take place. Equally, great emphasis is placed on the all-round development of each individual and much care is taken to nurture a sense of purpose and identity within each student. In addition, a partnership of co-operation is established between students, teachers and parents, in order to monitor and promote the child’s sense of motivation and commitment.

Hig School Hugh Masekela

External excursions broadens the learning experience

Class size is typically no more than 20 students. In order to broaden learning experiences and to facilitate outdoor awareness, excursions and field trips are undertaken in all grades on a regular basis. Periodic visits are also undertaken to exhibitions, shows and places of interest.

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