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Preparing Your Child for Grade 1

We are thrilled to share incredible news about the St Martin’s fee changes for next year.  We can assure you that we have not compromised on the quality of education for your child and the exciting learning and teaching by our highly skilled teachers will continue.

I am often asked how parents can best prepare their child for Grade One. Here are some suggestions.

Establish a Morning Routine

Your child should follow the same sequence of activities each morning so that it becomes an automatic chain of tasks. This leads to a sense of independence on the part of your child. A suggested morning routine could include the following: wake up, breakfast, ablutions, get dressed, collect school bag and lunch, walk to the car.

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Set Up an Evening Routine

The aim of this routine is to calm your child. They can relax knowing that they are prepared for the next day at school. Ideas for this routine could include taking out the school uniform, bath time, quiet play with no screen time, story time and finally bedtime. A Grade One child should be in bed between 19h30 – 20h00.

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Allocate a Homework Space

Your child will require a place to do their homework where distractions are limited. Have specific stationery available so that they can complete the given tasks properly. Create a homework routine, with a specific time, sequence of activities to be followed and end off with packing the school suitcase. Homework in Grade One needs to be supervised by an adult who can create a positive environment.


Prepare a Healthy Snack Box

Discuss nutritious options and treats with your child. Prepare a menu together. Take into consideration that these snacks will have to sustain your child for at least six hours at school!

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Communication is Key

Make sure that as parents you are on the school App and class Dojo or whatever communication mechanism is used so that you know what is happening and do not miss out on special days!

I hope that you will find these tips helpful.

Jenny Trollip<br>
HOD Junior Prep
Jenny Trollip
HOD Junior Prep


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