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Why a Solid Foundation is Important for a Child’s Education

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For students to excel in their educational journey, a solid foundation in early childcare development and the foundational phase of their schooling, Grade 000 to Grade 7, is crucial.

Early childcare development is more than playing with friends and colouring-in. It is a student's first step on their educational journey, where their teachers introduce them to vital cognitive, emotional and social skills. These are the foundational skills students will continue to build on, not only in their schooling but throughout life.

Teachers’ influence on their students at this early stage is immense. It’s at this stage where students continue to expand their skills as they progress through each grade. And it is this development and growth that impacts how they will view education throughout their life. Without these foundational skills, students will face challenges later in life.

"It is a misconception that you should invest more in high school education rather than on early childhood development and prep school education. Without the basic principles firmly in place, children struggle with some of the basic concepts later on, especially in maths," said Mr Hagspihl, Executive Headmaster at St Martin's, a private school in the south of Johannesburg.

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Spending money on quality education is an investment. St Martin's School recognises the financial challenges many families are experiencing during these unprecedented times, and has reduced their school fees to ensure students can access quality education with highly skilled and qualified teachers.

Students are naturally curious, and they develop their learning styles during the foundation phase, which prepares them for secondary schooling and the ability to grasp challenging concepts. It is also at this time, where teachers can identify and address any learning concerns. Addressing this issue can prevent a gap in learning and future learning problems. And in the long-run, it can save parents money on extra lessons and tuition because the basic abilities are lacking.

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A quality foundation education can help students thrive and unlock their full potential. The foundation phase is where they learn and develop valuable life skills that will help them in the real world, including,

  • Social and emotional coping skills
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • Problem-solving.

Investing in quality education can lead to greater success for students and benefit their family, community and society. And these valuable skills can ensure that the students are ready for a world where they can easily adapt and thrive.

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